About Us

Elite Vision TV is a television streaming service. Our service allows people to get 3000+ Live HD channels at only $19.99 a month. In addition, please also has access to TV series, movies, pay per views and all sports packages. We also have a recording feature so that you will never miss out on your favorite TV shows. Elite Vision TV is a one stop shop for television providers.

With Elite Vision TV you do not have to worry about cable satellite, only getting 250 channels, and paying over $100 a month. Elite Vision TV is here to make your life much easier and save you from those expensive cable bills. The average cable bill is $80-$100. You only get 250 channels, and the cable companies then charge you extra if you want choose to keep all the extra channels after the promotion. Elite Vision TV only charges you $19.99 a month, and you get 3,000+ channels. Way more channels, way less money!

Elite Vision TV doesn't even tie you into a contract. We feel as though there is no need too. Unlike most cable companies, we are confident that our service is great and that people will love it, so it's no need to put our customers on contracts because, we are afraid to lose them. You can literally cancel at anytime with no fee.

Our whole purpose is to provide people a better service. Entertainment should never be an expensive thing. We want to give people way more value, and save them a lot more money. Elite Vision TV is not saving people pennies, we are saving people hundreds and even thousands of dollars by helping people get our service! If you take the average cable bill of $100 a month and take Elite Vision TV at $19.99 a month and compare the expenses over the term of 10 years, you will be saving $10,000. 

We want you to feel great about our service. We want to make customers not think twice about getting Elite Vision TV for their television service provider. What we provide, we can certainly guarantee you savings and not just savings, but BIG savings. You will love our service, and even tell your friends and family about us!

Way more value for way less money!